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Porta is a flexible identity management platform to add authentication and authorization services to your applications.

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Proudly powering authentication for media organizations:

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Secure Customer Identity

Provide a tailored authentication experience to your users while maintaining top-of-the-line security and privacy.

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Porta is an easy to implement authentication and authorization platform

Improve user experience, conversion, and ease of access, while maintaining the privacy and security of the user.

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Manage your user's identities, customize your login box branding for each application, and tailor security policies without the hassle of ‘writing too much code’.


Single Sign-On

Trying to remember all the different emails and passwords just to access your account is frustrating. Porta simplifies the user experience by orchestrating an uninterrupted authentication experience, across multiple applications, with a single set of credentials.

Single Sign-On

User Management

Manage users by getting all information about them in one place. Update users' contact details, send them invitations to enroll in multi-factor authentication, or send a reset password prompt to simplify user management. Aid your customer support team in administering customer requests relating to their account.

User Management

Per-app Branding

Customize branding for each application to provide a user experience that aligns with your brand without the hassle of writing code using Porta's design editor.

Single Sign-On

Customize security policies

Security and great customer experiences need not be mutually exclusive. Create dynamic sign-in policies tailored to users' different risk levels and contexts. Automatically detect anomalies and defend your applications from suspicious IPs, breached credentials, and bot attacks.

Security policies

Porta is a highly customizable platform that has helped us create secure and delightful experiences for our users.

With Porta, we have retired our legacy identity by transforming into a digital platform, allowing us to modernize our infrastructure, build highly scalable apps, cultivate user trust and secure customer accounts.

Agon Daku
Agon Daku

Gjirafa, Inc.

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Frequently asked questsions

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  • Security is our utmost priority. For starters, we follow security best practices for storing user credentials: they are never stored in plain text, and all passwords are hashed and salted using the bcrypt algorithm, a state-of-the-art algorithm designed to prevent brute-force attacks even in case of a breach.

  • Porta systems have over 99.98% monthly uptime figures. You can check the current and past status and uptime figures at the status page.

  • The trial period lasts 30 days. After that, if you wish to continue using some of the features from our paid plans, please contact the team here.

  • Yes. Porta offers a number of built-in integrations with third-party tools. You are always welcome to request or suggest new integrations with third-party tools.

  • Yes. The Porta team is able to assist you to quickly migrate from homegrown or legacy identity solutions and avoid disruptions.