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Enhance user security

Balance Security and Convenience

Strike the perfect balance between security and convenience and provide your users with a streamlined and adaptable way to manage their online presence on your sites.

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Identities Managed

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Applications Use Porta for Authenticating Users

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Brute-force Protection

Keep Your User Accounts Safe

Brute-force Protection prevents attacks that target a single user account. Set login thresholds and manage trusted IPs with ease. Lock out suspicious traffic and receive notifications to keep your users secure.

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Prevent Malicious Attacks Now

Keep Your Website Secure with Porta's Bot Detection capabilities

Keep your users secure from automated or manual attacks with Porta's powerful combination of threat intelligence signals. With Bot Detection, a CAPTCHA step is triggered when a login attempt comes from an IP suspected to be used by a bot, providing little friction to legitimate users.

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Protect Your App with Suspicious IP Throttling

Stop Malicious Logins with Suspicious IP Throttling Service

Keep your application safe from bots and malicious logins with Porta's Suspicious IP Throttling Service. This service uses the velocity of login attempts from an IP as a risk signal, detecting when bots/scripts try too many username/password combinations within a short period of time.

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Breached Password Detection

Keep Your Passwords Safe with Porta's Breached Password Detection

With Porta's Breached Password Detection, you can be alerted if your password has been compromised in a security breach. Enabling this feature will prevent users from signing up with compromised credentials, ensuring the safety of your online accounts.

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Customized Authentication Services.

Your Login, Your Way.

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Enhance User Security

Balance security and convenience for your users.

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Customize Customer Authentication Journey

Create a unique brand identity for your authentication experience.

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Enhance User Profiles

Ensure a delightful customer journey on every step.

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Simplify User Account Management

Collect all your user information in a single place.

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Discover Our Comprehensive Documentation

Explore our knowledge hub, complete with product guides, best practices and learn how to maximize your earnings potential with Porta.

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Client’s Feedback
"Porta has made a real difference in how we handle user authentication. It's allowed us to tailor our login branding to our needs while strengthening our security measures. And the best part is that we didn't have to dive deep into complex coding. It's been a significant improvement for us."
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Sami Kçiku

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Transform Your Business Today

Protect your users and maintain their trust with our state-of-the-art security measures.


Improve the quality of your registrations: Implement measures to prevent fraudulent registrations, reduce user errors during registration, and ensure that users provide accurate and complete information.


Protect users from malicious actions: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your users are protected from automated attacks such as phishing, spamming, and credential stuffing.


Maintain user trust by safeguarding their accounts: In today's digital world, customers want to know that their accounts and personal information are secure and protected. Go above and beyond when it comes to security using the latest cutting-edge security measures.

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